When you’re working to transform your life and embrace healthy eating, it can be easy to negatively impact your relationship with food without even realizing it. That can hurt both your physical and emotional health, so here are some tips to help you foster a healthy relationship with food!

Avoid getting too restrictive.

While cutting back on unhealthy treats can make a big difference in your overall health, denying yourself of everything you love is a bad idea. Living a healthy life should enhance the quality of your life, not detract from it. You don’t want to sacrifice your emotional health to improve your physical health!

That’s why we built free meals into the Better Body System. It gives you the ability to enjoy your favorite foods as you transform your life so you don’t feel overly restricted. Make sure you take advantage of them!

Focus on fun, not food.

Whether it’s going to dinner with friends, hitting the concession stand at a game, or enjoying a meal with your family, food and social interaction often go hand in hand. But when you allow yourself to be more preoccupied with the food on the table than the people you’re spending time with, you’re missing out!

When you’re with other people, give them your attention rather than focusing on the food. Put your focus on having fun with the people you’re with and make that the main event. Doing so will be much better for your physical and emotional health, and you’ll have a better time with the people you care about!

Don’t use food as a coping mechanism.

We’re all guilty of occasionally using food to make ourselves feel better at the end of a long day, but while junk food may make you feel good temporarily, it’s not going to solve your problems.

Instead of turning to food to cope, try to focus on solving the issue that’s bothering you. If it’s something out of your control, cope with it in a healthy way, such as talking to a loved one, going for a walk, reading a book, or exercising. Healthy choices such as these will make you feel better in the long run!

Don’t think of healthy eating as all-or-nothing.

A lot of people think that if they have one treat, the whole day is ruined and they might as well forget about eating healthy for the rest of the day. But an all-or-nothing mentality is only going to make you feel defeated! Instead, remember that one snack doesn’t ruin a day, and one day doesn’t ruin a week. As long as you don’t give up on your healthy lifestyle, you’re doing fine!

Skip the shame.

One of the most important things you can do to foster a healthy relationship with food is avoiding shaming yourself when you eat something you deem unhealthy. No matter how off track you get, no matter how many cookies you eat, no matter how many days you’ve chosen fried chicken over grilled, you are not a failure. Beating yourself up or wallowing in guilt every time you have a treat is a sure sign that your relationship with food needs to change. Resist the urge to make yourself feel bad and shift your energy to getting back on track!


Fostering a healthy relationship with food is an important part of transforming your life. For more tips for living a happy, healthy life, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!