When it comes to weight loss, there’s a lot of misinformation floating around. You’ll see ads proclaiming that all you have to do is quit eating one food to get a flat belly or use “one weird trick” to get down to your goal weight without making any other changes. But transforming your life isn’t the result of weird tricks or villainizing certain foods; it’s the result of building healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Here’s what it actually takes to win at weight loss!

1. Specific goals.

“I want to lose weight” may sound like a good goal, but it’s not very specific. Instead, if you want to lose weight, get specific: do you want to lose 10 pounds? 30 pounds? 50 pounds? Make your goal as specific as possible so you know exactly what you’re working to accomplish!

2. A game plan.

Even the best intentions fall flat when you don’t have a plan in place. If you want to reach your goals, you need to have your action plan lined out so you know exactly what to do. The BBS meal plan will provide the structure of what you’ll eat, so make sure you follow it. Meal prep will also come in handy as you plan out your efforts, so use these tips to master it!

3. A strong why.

Knowing why you want to transform your life will be a key element of your success. It will provide the motivation you need to stay on track when you encounter obstacles. Take a few minutes to consider your why, and then write it down and keep it somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis. By consistently reminding yourself of why you want to reach your goals, you’ll find it much easier to maintain your momentum no matter what obstacles you encounter.

4. A support system.

Surrounding yourself with people who want to see you reach your goals can have a huge impact on your ability to transform your life. Reach out to your friends and family and ask them for their support as you work toward optimal health. You can also turn to Yoli Nation for support. Our Facebook page is a great place to connect with your fellow members of Yoli Nation and get advice for healthy living, so make sure you follow it!

5. Patience.

In a perfect world, weight loss would be a smooth journey and we’d never experience the frustration of a plateau, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Many people encounter plateaus, feel discouraged, and go back to their previous eating habits. Don’t fall into this trap! Be patient and remember that it’s a normal part of the weight loss journey.  If you stay on-track and continue your healthy habits, you can still reach your goals. During this time, focus on your measurements rather than your weight. Your body could be changing without showing much of a difference on the scale. And most importantly, stay positive—you’re making healthy lifestyle changes, and that’s something to celebrate!


Now that you know what it takes to win at weight loss, it’s time to go after your goals. For more tips for transforming your life physically, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!